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Re: storing xml files into database

Frank Richards wrote:
> If you (B-Bop) have this running, I really recommend some technical
> marketing -- whitepapers and conference talks.

Actually, I'd recommend this to all the native XML database companies.

A number of native XML database companies -- notably Software AG,
eXcelon, and IXIASoft -- have done a good general marketing job.
However, when it comes to technical marketing, most of the whitepapers I
have read are too hand-wavy and conference presentations and booths and
Web-zine articles are almost non-existent. (Maybe I just go to the wrong
conferences and read the wrong Web-zines, but the relational people
always seem to be there in force.)

All of which is too bad, as native XML databases appear to provide good
solutions to a number of common problems.

Ronald Bourret
XML, Databases, and Schemas
Speaker, Geek Cruises' XML Excursion '02