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RE: My last on IE6 and XML - whoops, didn't mean to repost

Sorry folks, didn't mean to steal Joshua's words here .. not sure why
this happened, but there was some strange email issue with the headers
and I inadvertently resent it. (Shame on a developer being a system
admin +ADw-G+AD4-)  It looked like it was just resending to myself, didn't meant
to CC: the list.

               +AD0APQ- John +AD0APQ-

+AD4- -----Original Message-----
+AD4- From: John D. Gwinner 
+AD4- Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 11:39 AM
+AD4- To: 'xml-dev+AEA-lists.xml.org'
+AD4- Subject: My last on IE6 and XML
+AD4- A. Allowing users to look at +ACI-broken+ACI- XML files in the 

+AD4- Thanks,
+AD4- Joshua