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Re: managing unknown values

You may already have received an answer to this one but it looks to me
like you need to include a prefix on the definition of nillable in your
schema. I suspect the parser is not seeing the nillable attribute in
the correct namespace.


                    Guillaume Rousse                                                                                    
                    <rousse@ccr.jussie        To:     "Bailey, Stephen" <SBailey@erac.com>, xmlschema-dev@w3.org        
                    u.fr>                     cc:                                                                       
                    Sent by:                  Subject:     Re: managing unknown values                                  
                    11/09/2001 03:36                                                                                    

Ainsi parlait Bailey, Stephen :
> Guillaume,
> Tags that must be present, but the value is not known can be declared
> the nillable attribute as follows...
> <xs:element name="foo" type="xs:integer" nillable="true"/>
> In the instance document, when the value is known you can declare the
> element
> <foo>25</foo>
> or when this element has unknown value you can declare the element
> <foo xsi:nil="true"/>
Exactly what i needed, thanks.

However, it fails in some cases...
<element name="foo" type="KeyRefType" nillable="true"/>
<element name="bar" type="KeyRefType"/>
<complexType name="KeyRefType">
  <attribute name="idref" type="string"/>
<foo xsi:nil="true"/>
<bar idref="idx"/>
Error message:
General Schema Error: xsi:nil must not be specified for the element bar
{nillable} equals 'false'.

I thought it was missing idref attribute in foo that was in cause, so i
it optional in KeyRefType, but that doesn't change anything. Morevoer, it's

strange the message targets bar element when foo is the guilty (removing it

solves the probelm). It this a bug in my validater (xerces-j 1.4.2) ?
Guillaume Rousse <rousse@ccr.jussieu.fr>
GPG key http://lis.snv.jussieu.fr/~rousse/gpgkey.html

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