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Re: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> What about syndicated content? The responsibility for formatting falls with the
> recipient and the responsibility for the data falls with the provider. Am I
> missing something?
It may be that I'm missing something. 

So we get some xsl stylesheet to the client and 
that stylesheet starts fetching some documents 
( with document() ) from multiple websites?  

I mean this is what you call 'syndicated content' ? 

I agree that in this situation, when some 'virus' xslt stylesheet 
get's into the browser and then it pulls some data from multiple 
websites it may be a reasonable usecase. 

Frankly, I don't think it is very realistic, because I think 
that it is still  easier to do this kind of things serverside. 
At least the administrator of the 'syndicating' server 
can see when things go wrong ( one of syndicated 
webservers has changed the schema ) and stuff like that.
Also, I feel securty problems with this 
'client-side syndication', but it looks minor. Maybe 
there is no.

I agree that this usecase is close to XSLT domain.
However - still - XSLT was not really designed for this. 
For example, I think there could be some 
APIs for caching...