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RE: Status on IE6 and XML Conformance

> Sounds like a sensible approach.  The only thing to watch out for
> is, if the bad character is 5 screenfulls into the doc, the 
> "you've got a problem" message needs to be in the first 
> screen - which is 
> what IE normally does.

It isn't. I have been using ie and xsl PI for a long time to view
logfiles. Ie can get quite a long way into a logfile before it displays
an error. Wether it is a WF or encoding error. Anyway, I am sure that
people want to know when there is a problem. I have worked in places
where people use ie as a quick validator of their data. If it displays
in ie then it must be ok. Whatever way the error is flagged I don't care
I just think that it should be flagged in an obvious way.

My 2p worth 

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