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RE: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

> > This URL actually points to something??? Sorry, my IE v 5 and 
> > Netscape v 4.7 don't work on that page. I suspect that I should use 
> > Netscape 6  or IE 6 ?
> IE 5 or greater with MSXML in "replace mode" will work.  Yes,
> that particular site is aimed at a browser that supports 
> client side XSLT and was developed when IE 5/MSXML 3 were the 
> only real option for client side XSLT.

Slight correction. It will work with ie5 or greater wether you have
msxml in replace mode or not. If you are using ie5+ you will get the old
ms xsl version. If you have ie6 you will get the xslt version. The site
was originally developed with ie4 in mind as it was the only browser
around at the time that did clientside xsl even though it was all
<rule... etc

Ciao Chris

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