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-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Moyles [mailto:kevin@simplysites.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 5:09 PM
To: Victoria Belt; Sukanya Hotmail; Suk; Shehbaz Ali Kahn; Ross
O'malley; Rahem Badshah; Pritesh Bhimjia; Penfold; Paul Howgego; Paul
Ansell; Paul; Nina Potter; Nick Miller; Neil O'malley; Natalie; Mark
Harris; Les Ho; Katherine Batchelor; Kat Whitlock; Ian Rogers; Hiren
Vaid; Gurjit; Edward Hill; Dex; Debs; Deborah Brown; Daniel Bromwich;
Coasby; Cherie; Charly; Chantal Lamberton; Ben Wong; Anthony Arnold;
Anita Patel; Anita Patel; Andy Pearson; Andy McDermott; Alison Lewis;
Adam Phote
Cc: andrew.moss@orange.co.uk
Subject: FW:

>please forward the card to your friends and have it sent back  to  me
>after every 100 person at  sjm199369@adelphia.net
>Thank you
>To the People of New York City
>We send this card to you
>To lend a shoulder
>To shed our tears
>To say a prayer
>To let you know that you are not alone
>You are in our thoughts and prayers
>May God Bless you during this tragic time
>1. Dorrie-Rene' Jensen - New York
>2. MaryAnn Bova - New York
>3. Barbara Lynn Gibson upstate NY
>4. Elsie v.d Bank - South Africa
>5. Maritza Meyer - South Africa
>6. Theresa Du Toit - South Africa
>7. Liezl Lombard - South Africa - May the love of the Lord be
>                    with you during this time!
>8  Yoland? de Lange - South Africa - Our prayers are with you
>9. Ilana Bester - South Africa - Praying for you
>10  Lynette Phipson-South Africa-May you all be blessed with the
>                                 love of God
>11. Melanie Hartzenberg - South Africa - We are praying for you.
>12. Rushnia Sadan - Worcester, South Africa - You'll be in my
>                    prayers.
>13. Willinda Swart - Worcester, South Africa - May God be with you.
>14. Ferdie Zimmerman Worcester Cape South Africa
>15. J. van der Merwe Worcester Cape South Africa
>16. DIRK SWANEPOEL, Worcester, South Africa
>17. Andr? Herbst, Worcester, South Africa
>18. Chrisna Herbst, Worcester, South Africa
>19. Dieter Herbst, Worcester, South Africa
>20. Chris Herbst, Worcester, South Africa
>21. Naomi Potgieter, Stellenbosch, South Africa
>22. Marle Senekal, Stellenbosch, South Africa
>23. Nico Blignaut, Stellenbocsh, South Africa.
>24. Wilanie Lategan, Centurion, SA
>25. Cristal Damons, Stellenbosch, South Africa
>26. Michelle Arendse,Bellville(CT),SA
>27. Caren van Zyl,Bellville, South Africa
>28. Jacqueline Jordan-Snyman, Cape Town, SA
>29. Cheryl-Ann Bernhardt, Cape Town, SA
>30. Eliza James - Cape Town, SA: We are all thinking and praying for you
>31.    Lee-Ann Isaacs - Cape Town, SA
>32.    Marion April - Cape Town, SA
>33. Heidi Britz - Cape Town, SA
>34.  Jasper Coetzee, Cape Town SA
>35.  Julie Charter, Sheerness, UK
>36.  Lisa Scott, Sheerness, UK
>37.  Vicky Lewis, Kent, UK
>38.  Hayley Shoobridge, Sittingbourne, UK
>39.  Tamara Parker, London,UK
>40.  Donna Froude, London, UK
>41.  Charmaine Heffernan, London, UK
>42. Victoria Mclaren, London, UK
>43.  Andrew Moss, Newcastle, UK
>44. Kevin Moyles, St Albans UK
>45.  Ian Rogers, Cambridge UK

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