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Re: [xml-dev] grouping in xsl?

At 01/09/13 15:27 +0530, supriya wrote:
>Can we do grouping in xsl?

XSL, XSLT and XPath questions would be better posted to the following list:


There are a number of subscribers who would enthusiastically respond to 
such questions.

There is also an *excellent* FAQ at:


Helpful information regarding the Microsoft MSXML DLL can be found at:


>But i am using
>and NOT xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSLT/Transform"

You are not using XSL, you are using an Internet Explorer dialect of an 
early draft of XSLT used to prototype concepts that might have been, but 
ended up not being, included in the final version.

Unfortunately, of the three ways I know of doing grouping, none of them are 
supported by this IE dialect because they all require constructs that are 
not available.

You may be out of luck unless you revert to some JavaScript and DOM code.

>I searched on the net but i am getting solutions only for xslt and not for
>xsl namespace.

For IE-specific solutions you should be looking somewhere in the Microsoft 
developer pages ... I'm not sure where exactly, but you probably won't find 
direction in any other place.

Good luck in your search!

.................... Ken

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