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Re: [xml-dev] The XQeryX schema and DTD is not valid

Hi Mike,

I had a look at the schema and the problem is on some of your attribute

<xsd:attribute name="order" use="default" value="ASCENDING">

This attribute declaration seems to use the old CR syntax so if you change all
attribute declarations like the one above to:

<xsd:attribute name="order" use="optional" default="ASCENDING">

everything should work fine. What tools are you using to convert the DTD to an
XML Schema? It seems they need to be updated to the latest version of XML
Schema. The strange this is that you got the correct namespace


Mike =?UNKNOWN?Q?Gr=FCnwald?= wrote:

> I copied the XQeryX schema from the W3C XQeryX Working Draft 07 June  2001
> and created a schema file.
> I validated this schema with XML Spy and also with the IBM Schema Qualtity
> Checker.
> It is not valid!
> The same happened also with the DTD for XQueryX.
> Is my version of the working draft outdated or much more important is there
> a valid version of the XQeryX schema
> existing ?
> I was a bit confused about this.
> When W3C is not able to produce valid schemas who else ?
> I attached the schema and the errors found by schema quality checker.
> with kind regards
> Michael Grünwald
> Software Engineer
> _________________________________________________________________
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>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                   Name: xqueryx.xsd
>    xqueryx.xsd    Type: BizTalk Schema (text/xml)
>               Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE
>                          Name: xqueryx_errors.txt
>    xqueryx_errors.txt    Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>                      Encoding: QUOTED-PRINTABLE