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RE: [xml-dev] Hate crimes against Sikh Community......

> From: Tom Bradford [mailto:bradford@dbxmlgroup.com]


> Instead of attempting to disassociate Sikhs with others, our 
> goal should
> be to denounce racially and religiously profiled attacks in general.  

Here, here. Hatred is like a weed. If it is not rooted out, it can grow and
overtake a garden. If you want to know what the hatred of an Osama bin Laden
looks like in the seed, you must merely look at those who hate others
because of their religion, ethnic background, gender, skin color, or
whatever. We should not tolerate such hatred.

For those who are vulnerable to such hatred, right now, take heart not only
in the fact that the majority of Americans reject such hatred, but that our
government has made a strong statement against such hatred and made clear
that any acts of violence against Arab-Americans, Muslim Americans, or those
mistaken for Arabs is a crime and will be treated as such [1]. Don't
hesitate to contact law enforcement authorities if you believe you face a

And for those of us who are not vulnerable to such hatred, right now, we
must speak loudly with a unified voice against such hatred. We must make
clear to the racists that an attack against those of us who are Muslim or of
Arab descent -- or any other ethnic or religious group -- is equally an
attack against all of us. If we don't, then terrorism has won.

[1] http://www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/2001/September/468cr.htm