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[xml-dev] RDDL Specification

Although I'm interested in RDDL Specifiction,

I think there are the following bugs in RDDL specification,

http://www.rddl.org/ .

1)Incorrect MIME type for XML DTD

There are several incorrect MIME type, text/xml-dtd used 

in the RDDL expression for RDDL specification itself,



However, the media type for DTD registered at IANA is application/xml-dtd rather than text/xml-dtd.

I found similar descriptions also in

- XSet : http://www.openhealth.org/XSet/ and

- Venetica VeniceBridge : http://venetica.com/venicebridgecontent/  .

2)DTD fragment declaration for rddl:resource in section 4.

I think xlink:embed should be replaced to xlink:show .

N.Yamashita / Air Liquide Japan

山下 直彦 <nyamashita@zdnetmail.ne.jp>
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