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[xml-dev] Pakistan has an English-language weblog

To people who think politics and warfare are a matter for decentralization, now is the time to get in the loop.
Yahoo's email server is so slow now, we need other forms of communication, more concentrated, higher throughput, etc.
I'm looking for ways to up the volume on real news and information, and looking for links to other weblog communities that are based in different geographies and cultures, ones we don't often hear from in the western countries.
I just got a pointer to DAWN, which says it's "Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper."
If you know of others, send me pointers via private email and I'll get a directory started on UserLand.Com. Don't depend on Yahoo to get the message through. The turnaround now is in hours. Things are happening quickly.
Dave Winer, editor, Scripting News