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[xml-dev] Announce: Scripting News in OPML

Dear Syndicators and Radio UserLanders and XML fans..

I'm pleased to announce that Scripting News is now available in OPML [1], in
addition to all previous XMLizations.

***Advantages of OPML

An advantage of OPML over other forms is that aggregators get the structure
of the document, so they can tell when a set of comments are part of a
sub-outline, and should be grouped together.

It's also possible to add attributes to individual items, so if people who
are doing aggregations, I'm open to suggestions. Before we roll the feature
out on other Manila sites, I want to see what improvements, if any, are
possible on the aggregation side.

Note that this new feature should address many of the problems people have
encountered with Scripting News in various other forms. Same with Doc
Searl's weblog (he also writes in the Radio outliner).

***Location of OPML files

They are all contained in this folder. [2]

There's a file that always contains the current contents of Scripting News.

Back issues are maintained in a calendar structured folder. [4] The archives
date back to 7/20/00.

Here's the OPML for September 11. [5]


[1] http://www.opml.org/
[2] http://www.scripting.com/xml/
[3] http://www.scripting.com/xml/currentOutline.xml
[4] http://www.scripting.com/xml/outlineArchive/
[5] http://www.scripting.com/xml/outlineArchive/2001/09/11.xml