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Re: [xml-dev] XML stylesheets

At 14:35 17-09-2001, Thom, John L. wrote:
>I need to know a few things:
>How long does it take to create a stylesheet?
>Experience of person who created such a stylesheet?
>What does a novice need to understand/know to create stylesheets?
>Received a DTD from a contractor with about 120 elements.
>Is there a relationship between number of elements, size of content to that
>of the stylesheet?

It depends on a lot of variables.

When you say "stylesheet", are to talking about using XSLT to do an 
XML-to-HTML conversion?  Are you talking about print formatting?  Using 
what language?

How complex is the output?  Do things need to be significantly 
reordered?  Left out?  Included from some external source, like a database?

How complex is the input?  Is it highly regular, like a spreadsheet, or is 
it highly variable, like a technical book?

You could also hire someone else to do it for you. (-;

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