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[xml-dev] The ICE (Information and Content Exchange) Authoring Groupinvite s you .......

The ICE (Information and Content Exchange) Authoring Group invites you to
learn about ICE 2.0.

Date: Wednesday, September 26 
Time: 7:30 A.M Continental Breakfast
Place: Marriott Hotel one block from the Moscone Center
Room: Knob Hill B 

For those who are new to this standard, ICE is an XML-based communications
protocol optimized for managing the regular exchange of content and data
among business partners.

The first version of the ICE specification was released in 1998 and has
enjoyed considerable support. An update, ICE 1.1 was also released and it
too has been incorporated into products produced by companies including
Vignette, Kinecta, Interwoven, Oracle, HP, and Active Data Exchange. There
is also an ICE cookbook to assist developers in using ICE. In addition, a
reference implementation toolkit called ICE CUBES is being developed and is
available at www.sourceforge.com <http://www.sourceforge.com/>.

Originally designed for syndication of news networks, ICE is now a vital
technology for value networks and Web portals, as trading partners face the
need to keep one another updated with current information. Syndication using
ICE technology has now become synonymous with managed content interchange
since it addresses the need for automated, reliable, secure distribution and
redistribution of all types of commercial and non commercial content.

Now, armed with the knowledge of required enhancements and aware of a host
of new infrastructure and transport layer options, the Authoring Group has
decided to move to the next major version of the specification.

You are invited to become a part of this process. 

Some of the current plans for ICE 2.0 include: 
 Exploration of ICE-based syndication as a Web Service
 Integration of the latest standards such as XML Schemas, XML Namespaces,
 Elegant metadata implementations including PRISM an RDF
 Well-defined protocol extension mechanism 
 Development of a framework for a public catalog
 New transport layers such as HTTP/S, SMTP, NNTP, and WAP

Join the Authoring Group for breakfast; find out all about the value of ICE
and how you can implement it; and get involved in ICE 2.0
Please RSVP to Linda Burman at linda@laburman.com

About ICE and the ICE Authoring Group

ICE (Information and Content Exchange) is a key industry initiative hosted
by the IDEAlliance and sponsored by a group of companies who have a common
interest in solving the problem of automating and managing the exchange of
every type of content. The group consists of software developers and
companies who distribute or consume content, whether commercially or within
intranet and extranet frameworks. The ICE Authoring Group and the ICE
Network are open to all companies and include companies such as Adobe
Systems, Vignette, Active Data Exchange, Interwoven, Kinecta, and National
Semi Conductor. 

For information contact:

Linda Burman at 416 699-7198 linda@laburman.com
IDEAlliance at 703 837-1097
Or go to www.icestandard.org <http://www.icestandard.org/>

Marion L. Elledge
Executive Vice President
(founded in 1966 as the Graphic Communications Association)
100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703/837-1093
Fax: 703/548-2867
Cell: 202/413-4729
email: melledge@idealliance.org

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