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RE: Things are not what they seem - was RE: [xml-dev] Urgently n eeda reality check on the job market for XML development

What will influence our choice(and yes, you often have to 
route around HR), is are you a self-starter and will you do the 
job assigned?  

Many organizations are flat:  there isn't much 
"up".  Someone who is burning with ambition to advance in 
the organization fast is not as useful as someone who can 
identify the context of the job and do it without as 
much training and handholding.  Where the domain 
of the business is complex, we need them to focus.  If they 
are always playing games to advance their careers or to get 
ready for their next job, we prefer them to play elsewhere. 
There isn't enough time.   We need them to work and we want 
them to stay.  But they have to make the decision to stay. 
We won't give them Starbucks, free food, trips to Hawaii, 
and so on.  Too many ways to shred the natch and if we don't 
want to be hiring and laying off a lot, we need throughput.

Programming has become a trade in some aspects.  Imagination is needed but 
the shape of the thing to be created is known; we need 
imagination in the details and the willingness of the 
person to learn the exotic things on the job or at home. 

Insight over vision...


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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From: Sterin, Ilya [mailto:Isterin@ciber.com]

Just to clear any confusions, by "I really don't think that the numerous
projects which you have been involved in will make a big impact on your job
search" I meant negative impact as you have been worried about it.