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[xml-dev] Call for XML.org Financial Sponsorship and Participation:

Dear XML-Dev Community,

As the host and sponsor of the XML-Dev List, XML.org is requesting your help
in securing financial sponsorship in XML.org with your company.  Your
encouraging support and endorsement with decision makers is very helpful and
is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support during this challenging business


Leo Kraunelis


XML.org, the XML industry portal hosted by OASIS, needs corporate sponsors.

In order for XML.org to achieve its mission of accelerating the global
utilization and adoption of XML by providing an open and not-for-profit XML
industry portal that brings together all members of the XML community, we
need more financial support from companies in the XML domain.

What will the next generation of the Internet look like?  Many of us
envision an online world where computers and Internet-based services
interoperate seamlessly.  Solving this problem is the key challenge for the
next generation of the Internet.  At the heart of the solution is XML.

XML enables developers to describe data being exchanges between computers,
applications and Web Sites.  Just as the Web revolutionized how users talk
to applications, XML is transforming how applications talk to each.  As
developers become more familiar with XML, they are moving beyond simply
using XML for data and are creating new types of XML-based Web Services.
Now, more than ever, as a community, we must continue to facilitate global
XML convergence, we must continue to foster collaboration within industry,
and must continue to accelerate the adoption and use of XML standards in

In the spirit of convergence, open standards and collaboration, XML.org is
calling on your company to financially support XML.org as a corporate
sponsor.  Below are the sponsor levels.  Additional sponsor information is
available at http://www.xml.org/xml/sponsors.shtml.

* Premier Sponsor: $100,000
* Gold Sponsor: $50,000
* Silver Sponsor: $25,000
* Contributing Sponsor: $2,500

Important XML.org initiatives:

XML.org Registry
We need to enhance the XML.org Registry based on the ebXML Registry &
Repository specifications (ebRIM and ebRS) of May 2001.  XML.org Registry
complements the work of all XML related standards bodies by providing a
public clearinghouse for XML-related resources for developers and businesses
to interoperate and share information globally in a distributed manner.
Jeff Eck, XML Chancellor at GE Global eXchange Services (GXS), has endorsed
this initiative and GXS will submit over 5,000 DTDs in the XML.org Registry.
We want this momentum to continue and we want the XML community to band
together to register XML-related specifications and resources to help build
this self-supporting XML.org Registry created by and for the XML community.
We need your financial support and help and we cannot do it without you.
XML.org Registry link: http://www.xml.org/xml/registry_submit.jsp.

XML.org - collaboration, open standards and community
XML.org provides the XML community with an unbiased forum and clearinghouse
where developers, standards bodies and companies can publicly submit,
publish and exchange specifications, resources, news, events and information
relating to XML and XML-based web services.  By providing the XML community
with a non-commercial resource for XML information, XML.org serves as an
essential piece of the XML infrastructure and community.  From its
inception, XML.org has been a consensus-based effort to ensure
interoperability with existing and emerging XML initiatives.  (i.e. we host
e-mail lists like XML-Dev.)

XML.org Value proposition for Corpoate Sponsors
* Exposure, promotion and endorsement within XML Community-at-large as a
company supporting open XML interoperability standards.
* Visibility and advancement within XML industry.
* Recognition and assocaition among other sponsors.
* Opportunity to exchange and interact with and among XML community thought
* Opportinity to influence direction and services of XML.org.within the XML
* Network and partner with and among XML leaders and business people.
* Associate with and advance XML.org Registry and Repository for DTDs,
Schema, Specifications and Web Services.
* Advance the adoption and utilization of open XML interoperability
standards which help fuels your company's success.

XML.org Sponsor Benefits Summary
(details at http://www.xml.org/xml/sponsorship_benefits.pdf )

Involvement in XML Community
Sponsor recognition, logo on site, company reference in announcements and
e-mails, opportunity for quotations in announcments and participation as XML
Expert, contributing editor, speaker, and involvement in panel discussions,
vertical group advisory council and convergence initiatives.

Tangible benefit- XML.org Standard Guide.
Complimentary electronic and printed copy of the quarterly XML.org Standard
Guide provided by ZapThink.  ($1,795 Value.)  Link to XML.org Standard Guide
at ZapThink.

Exposure and Visibility
* 100,000+ pages hits per day
* 10,500+ Page views per day
* 3,000+ unique visitors per day
* 6 min 22 sec Average visit length.
* Visibility on XML.org e-mail list to over 12,000 contacts.
* Additional details on site statistics.

Appointment to XML.org Advisory Committee.
The charter of the XML.org Advisory Committee is to provide general guidance
and advice on direction and enhancement of XML.org to the OASIS Board of
Directors.  Each sponsor company appoints an associate to represent their
company and the XML community at large.  Details on existing corporate
sponsors and XML.org Advisory Committee Members.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding XML.org sponsorship.
Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Leo Kraunelis
General Manager, XML.org
Phone:   978-667-5115 #203
Cell:       978-239-3157
e-Mail:    leo.kraunelis@xml.org

XML.org's mission is to accelerate the global utilization and adoption of
XML and to foster global convergence and collaboration within the XML
community.  Our corporate sponsors are: Sun Microsystems, IBM, SAP, ORACLE,
Documentum, SoftQuad, Altova, GE Global eXchange Services and XML-Journal.