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On Friday, September 21, 2001, at 01:37 PM, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> Let me ask:  what is the difference between a model
> with a stylesheet embedded with a document function
> and an ASP page with a SQL select?

The main difference is that it is probably easier to write in a modular 
form. The ASP, PHP, JSP, etc page will need code to walk through the 
result set and turn it into markup. That code could be handled through an 
include, another .dll, or a call to a class that returns markup. And while 
it would be possible through RMI, .NET, etc., to allow for heterogeneous 
components, it's hard to implement heterogeneous pieces.

But Didier's method allows you to encapsulate the request in a URL <aside>
shades of REST here, remember REST? Ah, the simple world before 
9-11</aside> and that URL might point to a static file, a cgi-bin, a 
servlet, or the HTTP interface to a Oracle/SQLServer/FileMaker Pro 
database returning XML.

I think the difference is a matter of elegance. Using the document()-pull 
method allows for ease in switching out components. All the components 
need are the ability to deliver XML over HTTP.

It's not the first time this has been discussed, on another list (with 
public archives) Paul Prescod presented an example using Google:


And Steve Muench has an example in his book on XML and Oracle 8i.

Bill Humphries <bill@whump.com>