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Re: [xml-dev] Using Wrapper Elements in Schemas - Any Best Practices?

mrossi@csc.com wrote:
>      As a pure matter of style, I'd also suggest not using the plural of
> the element's names as the name of the container (<symptoms> in your
> example). Then you have to say things like "symptoms contains symtpoms",
> which isn't really what you mean. I'd go for something like <symptom_list>
> myself.

Or you end up saying things like "the 'symptoms' container element
contains 'symptom' elements", which helps to difference data and

(Is is a list or set anyway?)

As a logical issue, if you are modelling a patient, I'd suggest there is
a set of symptoms each member of which has its own duration, rather than
many sets of symptoms, each set characterized by the duration of the
symptoms within it. (though if you are classifying symptoms by their
duration you would want the structure you devised)


Engineering modelling pedant