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[xml-dev] reminder: last date for submissions to XML 2001 is October 1!

A quick reminder to those of you planning on submitting late-breaking news or vendor 
presentations to the XML 2001 conference: the closing date for these submissions is 
October 1, 2001.

For vendor presentations, remember that "Precedence will be given to submissions that 
demonstrate products to be launched at XML 2001, products to be announced and demonstrated 
first at XML 2001, brand new technologies, new versions of existing products, 
standards-compliance, and/or interoperability proof (i.e., showing more than one product 
from different vendors working together)."

Also, if you're interested in the incubator area (free booth space for small, new 
companies with new products), you are expected to submit a proposal to show your 
technology in the vendor presentation area.

More details on the incubator space at
More details on the vendor presentation slots at
More details on the late-breaking news slots at

See you in December!




Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
Chair, XML 2001 - Information at www.xmlconference.org