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[xml-dev] [ANN] A Pair of XPath Expression Evaluators

The zip file at[1] contains source, binaries and a .cmd file for a Java
based XPath Expression Evaluator. This is just a simple command-line wrapper
around Xalan 1. I built this against Xalan 1.2.2, it may work with earlier
versions. If you do use it with earlier versions please let me know and I'll
update the readme.txt.

You specify the input doc ( -in <filename> ) and the XPath expression
( -expr <expression> )and the app returns the result. Supports all 4 XPath
types and also supports namespaces ( -ns <prefix> <uri> ).

The .cmd file references two environment variables; XERCESLOC and XALANLOC.
These are the locations of xerces.jar and xalan.jar respectively. Run the
process with no arguments to dump the usage info.

I also have a Xalan 2 based version at[2] which has the same content. Note
that XALANLOC in this case requires a xalan.jar from Xalan2

Hope some people find these useful,


Martin Gudgin

[1] http://marting.develop.com/zips/xpatheval.zip
[2] http://marting.develop.com/zips/xpatheval2.zip