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[xml-dev] efficient xml programming technique

I am using xml (xalan and xerces) for a server side java application.
Whenever a user sends a request to net based server application, the java
beans on the server side create a DOMParser object, do data processing on
xml data files and returns response.

I am little concerned since for each request the DOMParser object is created
and DOM processing is done.
(Well certain cases I can use SAX. But for time being let's assume, that I
must use DOM)

Is this a right approach? Can pooling of DOMParser object be done? or I
would put it this way; should parser instances be pooled? (like database

b. In the same application I have another scenario;
In the JSP files I use xalan transformer object to perform XSL
transformation on certain xml data.  Now this happens for each JSP request.

Is this a normal practice?

how can this be made efficient/less memory foot print/less runtime memory
usage ?