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Re: JAXP and Java XML APIs (was RE: [xml-dev] difference bet. xercesand crimson)

At 5:45 PM +0100 9/26/01, Leigh Dodds wrote:

>However quotes such as that on todays Cafe Con Leche (from this
>jdom-interest posting [1]) make me wonder if I'm missing out on a trick or
>two somewhere.
>I can only attribute this '3 months saving' to the difficulty in the DOM
>model. From my own experiences the amount of code I have to write
>could have been greatly reduced by a means to query a DOM using
>XPath; something which seems to be on the way.

Personally I think JDOM is simpler for simple tasks, but more difficult for complicated tasks. I find that if you try to implement something like XPath or XPointer or XInclude on top of JDOM, you rapidly bump into some poor design decisions. However, most developers aren't doing such complicated things with XML. They're doing simple things for which JDOM is a nice fit. 

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