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Re: JAXP and Java XML APIs (was RE: [xml-dev] difference bet. xercesand crimson)

> > > Also 'empty' transformers can be used so using JAXP its easy to stream
> > > SAX <-> text <-> DOM <-> dom4j <-> JDOM. i.e. JAXP can now
> > > be used to go from any XML representation to any other with or without
> > > a transformation in between.
> >
> > How's that done if I want to use a SAX event stream as my intermediate
> > format, rather than constantly transforming to text and back?
> My understanding is most implementations use a SAX event stream as the
> intermediate format - not the text format of the XML.
> Any that don't should ;-)

Well and good, but that doesn't answer my question ... how is that
supposed to work? :)

"Source" and "Result" are those behavior-free types of class (wrapping one
URI each :) I dislike, and it looks like many of the other classes were all but
designed to write SAX out of the picture.  Example, there are clones of
SAXException, ErrorHandler and EntityResolver ... which seem to add no
value over the original interfaces.  And the SAX-specific classes strip out
most of the DTD information, as well as precluding "higher level" events
(interfaces reporting "widget" objects, and so forth), so they discard the
high-fidelity infoset reporting of SAX.

- Dave