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Re: [xml-dev] Deterministic Content Models (was DTD ( From EliotteRustHarold's Book))

David Brownel wrote

> > "For compatibility, it is an error if an element in the document can
> > more than one occurrence of an element type in the content model. For
> > information, see E Deterministic Content Models."
> >
> > ... the "For Compatibility" clause does
> > not indicate that an XML processor is free to ignore the constraint.
> The "it is an error" clause indicates that.  If it's just an "error",
> not a "fatal error" or "validity error", reporting is optional.
> That's what the definitions section says up front.

While we're being pedantic ;-) there is no phrase "validity error" in the
document, but we all know what you mean.

The definition for "error" is defined as:
[Definition: A violation of the rules of this specification; results are
undefined. Conforming software may detect and report an error and may
recover from it.]

So, a processor may report the error, and may recover from it.  But the
results are undefined.

Our XML Validator reports non-deterministic content models as errors for
good reason.  We believe that our users want a validator to be as strict and
as accurate as possible ~ thereby maximising the chance that their xml will
be readable by any processor on any platform.



Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology

[1] http://www.elcel.com/products/xmlvalid.html