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Re: [xml-dev] unique attribute id - to use method getElementById() onDocument

9/27/01 8:10:04 AM, "SUS     S. Sunkannavar" <sanjeev.sunkannavar@openikos.com> wrote:

>I want to use the method getElementById( String elementId) on Document
>How can I specify that a particular attibute of an element is an unique ID
>to a DOM parser?

You need to include a DTD (or DTD subset) that declares the attribute to be of type ID.

>For eg:
> < Book isbn="1234">
>	<name>abc</name>
>	.....
>Here for Book element I want to specify isbn as an unique attribute. 
>I want to retrieve Book elements using getElementById(...) method.

Attributes declared as ID have to have values that match the Name production in the XML 
Recommendation, which among other things means they can't begin with a digit.