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[xml-dev] support for schemas on ie


i posted a mail a while ago about validating xml schemas. From the code i
have seen it seems okay to me, but when i try to validate it just displays
the code of the xml document in the brower instaed of the html.

part of my xml code :'
<transactions xmlns="http://www.nhl.com"
		<merchant valid="yes">sun</merchant>
		<amount currency="p">9.00</amount>

and my schema code:'
<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">

<xsd:element name="transactions">
  	<xsd:element name="details">
		<xsd:element name="date" type="xsd:string"/>
		<xsd:element name="merchant" type="xsd:string"/>
		<xsd:element name="website" type="xsd:string"/>
		<xsd:element name="amount" type="xsd:int"/>'

is there anything that i am missing in my code, as it seems okay to me.

I am using IE6 with MSXML 3, this should be able to display schemas
shouldn't it?

i am not to sure on how well schemas are supported at the moment