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RE: [xml-dev] [SAX] setProperty and exception

Based on the following sentence in the description of
the org.xml.sax.SAXNotSupportedException class,
I believe that an XMLReader.setProperty method should
throw a SAXNotSupportedException when the property
name is recognized and supported, but the value is

   An XMLReader will throw this exception when it
   recognizes a feature or property identifier, but
   cannot perform the requested operation (setting
   a state or value).

Hope this helps.


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-----Original Message-----

XMLReader#setProperty can throw two types of exceptions. One is
"not-recognized" and the other is "not-supported".

But it seems to me that we need the third "bad-value" exception, which
indicates that the property name is recognized and supported but the
specified value is wrong. (For example, String is passed where Integer
is expected, or 127 was passed where the valid value is between 0 and

What is the right exception to throw for cases like this?

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