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[xml-dev] SD2002 West Call for Papers

Software Development 2002 West is being held April 22-26 in San Jose, California. XML remains one of our most popular tracks, and I have once again signed on to chair the XML track. The call for papers is open at http://www.sdexpo.com/2002/west/speakers/abstracts.htm

Our audience consists primarily of working programmers with a bias toward Java and C++, mostly on the Windows platform though Unix/Linux is well represented as well. At East we noticed a lot of interest in .Net, and there's a .Net track at West as well, so we're definitely interested in presentations about XML in the .Net environment (and other things in .Net as well, though I'm not personally responsible for that). Web services is a big focus as well, though again that goes in a separate track that I'm not responsible for. 

When it comes to XML, we find that our attendees really like introductory tutorial sessions. For example a tutorial on the W3C XML Schema Language that covered the basics and assumed no prior experience with schemas would be useful. An advanced session on schema best practices, however, would probably not be of interest to most of our attendees and might be better saved for one of the XML-specific conferences like XMLOne or XML 2001. At this stage it is OK to assume basic knowledge of XML, well-formedness, and DTDs. You do not need to begin your talks with "this is what a tag is", "this is what an attribute is", etc.

Most sessions at SD are 90 minutes. We also have room for a few full-day tutorials. However, for these we prefer speakers who have a good track record presenting at previous SD conferences, so if this is your first time with us, it would be better to submit proposals for 90-minute seminars. We're also accepting proposals for BOFs, panels, and similar events.  

If you're interested, please fill out the form at http://www.sdexpo.com/2002/west/speakers/abstracts.htm 
If you have any questions, send them to me in private e-mail. Thanks!

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