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[xml-dev] MSV

 From: "Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI" <kohsukekawaguchi@yahoo.com>
From Rick Jelliffe
> > P.S. I am enjoying the code for MSV. Very interesting!
> Glad to hear that. You mean the source code of MSV? Is it available?

No, just the API and the ideas. I have a programmer working with it at the moment. 

I think we want to visit all the nodes in the abstract grammar, but there does
not seem to be any built-in way to flag that a Expression has been visited: 
is that correct?

Also, any indication on Sun's plans for MSV, when a new version might
come out, and how stable you think the API (especially the abstract API)
is, all these would be very useful to know. 

It would be nice to have the code availalble.  
Any chance of open sourcing it in some way?

Rick Jelliffe