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Re: [xml-dev] help w/ an intro XML talk

At 9:31 AM -0700 9/29/01, Tim Bray wrote:

>What I find works well is to show four slides.  The first is
>a sample of HTML, with all the usual HTML problems, unclosed
>tags, the <IMG> element with no end-tag, unquoted attribute
>values, no enclosing tag pair for the whole doc.
>The second slide makes it into well-formed XML, logically
>equivalent but different-looking and obviously much easier
>for a programmer to handle.

Sounds like a good plan. However, I'd add a slide 2.5 right about here that shifted from XHTML to a custom vocabulary relevant to the domain in question.

>The third has a teeny little internal-subset DTD that makes
>the thing valid - if you keep yourself to <html>, <p>, <a>, and
><img> it's not too hard.
>The fourth has a pointer to an external DTD, presumably 
>xhtml.dtd or some such, there's no need to go into the DTD.

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