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W3C as Golden Goose (was RE: [xml-dev] [Fwd: W3C ridiculous new policyon patents])

While W3C is guilty of being gullible, we need to protest against the few
W3C members who are pushing W3C to fast-track the new patent policy.  We
can't afford to turn this into just another W3C vs. Common Sense incident
while those who seek to subvert W3C into their golden goose hide behind W3C.

Some names I saw in messages going around are: Apple, HP, IBM, Kodak, and
Quark.  Anyone else?  We need to get the list of suspects and let the media
have a field day.


Don Park

> From: David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]> This proposal is a
pre-emptive attempt to prevent
> the rebels from being able to arm, though.  Did you
> even read it?  It's pretty bad.  And the way W3C
> seems to be fast-tracking it is worrisome.