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Re: [xml-dev] wutka DTD parser question

Actually XML Catalogs was published as a Committee Specification in the 
beginning of August.

More information and tool pointers at 

Fredrik Lindgren

mrossi@csc.com wrote:

> Right answer, but you've got 'em backwards. PUBLIC Identifiers allow you to
> use catalog lookups. SYSTEM Identifiers are, well, system-specific. Note
> BTW, that you can still use PUBLIC IDs with XML (although you're now
> required to place a system ID immediately after them in case you can't
> resolve the PUBID). And Bob's also on the right track about the community
> pursuing catalog support. OASIS has a TC working on a new open catalog
> spec., which I don't think is quite done just yet but should be close. A
> quick search of the archives will no doubt turn up some software that
> supports it, as I do recall hearing of some. Of course if you (Wendi) can
> get the wutka DTD parser to call an Entity Resolver as you suggested, you
> could tie in your own catalog resolution function.
> Michael A. Rossi
> Computer Sciences Corporation
> mailto:mrossi@csc.com
> 856-983-4400 x4911