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Re: [xml-dev] W3C Rants (was: RE: W3C as Golden Goose ...)

Mike did the BigCo's contribute anything of value to the Web?

Would the Web have been better off playing hardball when it was driving the
growth of  the industry?


 > The collaborative standardization of web technology worked very well for
> few years, when the "internet revolution" was providing the rising tide
> floated all boats, and while the intellectual capital of the academic -
> government - scientific internet collaboration was laying on the ground
> waiting to be harvested.  The W3C process has bogged down very seriously
> the last couple of years because of IP concerns, because the ".bomb" made
> the people who can actually do standards work effectively badly needed for
> more lucrative work (or they just plain burned out), and because the
> technology is getting into terra incognita. XML, XSLT, XPath and HTML were
> "laying around waiting to be harvested" from seeds sown by SGML, DSSSL,
> filesystems/string matching, and various SGML document DTDs.  Technologies
> for typing, inheriting, querying, rendering, linking, adding semantics to
> syntax, etc. have to be grown from seed (or hybridized from lots of
> sources) and it's an open question whether the W3C process will work for
> that.