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[xml-dev] Re: MSV

> No, just the API and the ideas. I have a programmer working with it at the moment. 

Wow, you should definitely have him/her drop an e-mail to me.

> I think we want to visit all the nodes in the abstract grammar, but there does
> not seem to be any built-in way to flag that a Expression has been visited: 
> is that correct?

Right. Depending on the way you want to traverse grammars, you need to
implement that check by yourself.

I usually use a set to mark visited nodes (typically you only need to do
this for ReferenceExp and/or ElementExp, depending on the case.)

> Also, any indication on Sun's plans for MSV, when a new version might
> come out, and how stable you think the API (especially the abstract API)
> is, all these would be very useful to know. 

I'm glad that the new version is released yesterday. It's not open
source but it comes with the source code.

I would say the abstract API is stable enough. There is no plan to make
any change on it.

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