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[xml-dev] Qualifying links

Say we have a protocol that reports a list of URIs in the following format:

		<href>tel:+49 1234 56788</href>
		<href>tel:+49 1234 56789</href>

The set of href elements is unbounded and can carry multiple types of URIs.

Obviously, given that this information exists, it would be nice to pass
additional information, like:

		<href type="email">mailto:julian.reschke@gmx.de</href>
		<href type="voice">tel:+49 1234 56788</href>
		<href type="fax">tel:+49 1234 56789</href>
		<href type="homepage">http://www.greenbytes.de</href>

Obviously, it's easy to invent your own format, but I'm looking for a more
standardized way.

XLink comes to mind (namely the xlink:role attribute), but after a quick
search I couldn't find a standardized set of role names for my example.

BTW: it seems that XLink *requires* the links to sit in the xlink:href
attribute, so that the format would need to change to:

		<href xlink:href="mailto:julian.reschke@foobar.de"/>
		<href xlink:href="tel:+49 1234 56788"/>
		<href xlink:href="tel:+49 1234 56789"/>
		<href xlink:href="http://www.greenbytes.de"/>

(or did I miss something?)

Feedback appreciated.