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RE: [xml-dev] RAND issues

> >>I'm not interested in a Web where Open-Source efforts are second-class
> citizens.
> I am not interested in a Web where independent commercial developers are
> second-class citizens.

I am not interested in a Web where the decision to commercialize or open
source my software is a moral issue.  I am not interest in a Web where the
differences between working for food on my table and Learjet in my castle is
a moral issue.

I want a Web where I can make decisions that affect my life and my company
without having to constantly kick people waving the Bible or Mao’s little
red book at me.  I want a Web where I can do what I feel is right with the
world and me in a balance.  People need patents to protect their hard work.
People also need protection from silly patents filed in mass by people who
hear cash register ringing in their ears 24 hours a day.  People need public
common grounds without walls.

Issue at hand is clear, standards are like public common grounds and access
to public common grounds have always been free since the dawn of
civilization.  With RAND, the balance between self-interest and
communal-interest will be broken.  IBM, a company I have recently respected
for playing a key role in open source movement, is out of order and deserves
to a good kick to get it going again.

As I stated before, I find W3C not to be at fault except being guilty of
gullibility.  We need to give chase to the companies behind RAND telling
them to "keep their privates to themselves and not hanging out in public!"


Don Park