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Re: [xml-dev] what's special in XMLNS attribue .?

On Sunday 07 October 2001 23:11, yael efrat wrote:
> I'm trying to remove XMLNS attribue from this XML :
> <path xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/rp/" se:mustUnderstand="1"></path>
> The removeNamedItem successeded but the the attribute remained.
> if i'm trying to remove anyother attribute (like the"se:mustUnderstand"
> ) it's removed.
> What is special with this xmlns attribute ,and how can i remove it ?Should
> i do anything else ?

The xmlns attribute isn't removed probably because your serializer needs it 
to declare the namespaces in scope. It is indeed a special attribute, and the 
only way to remove it would probably be to first make all elements and 
attributes belong to no namespace, and then to try to remove it. I'm not sure 
how useful that would be, but it's probably the only way to get there.

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