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Re: [xml-dev] Nested DTDs

BillGong <billinfo@sina.com> wrote:

> I created 3 DTDs in XML Spy as below:
> 1.report.dtd
> <!ELEMENT report (title,paragraph+)>
> <!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)>
> <!ELEMENT paragraph (#PCDATA|emph)*>
> <!ELEMENT emph (#PCDATA)>
> 2.person.dtd
> <!ELEMENT person (firstname, lastname)>
> <!ELEMENT firstname (#PCDATA)>
> <!ELEMENT lastname (#PCDATA)>
> 3.report_person.dtd
> <!ENTITY % report "report.dtd">
> <!ENTITY % person "person.dtd">
> <!ELEMENT P_R (%person; , %report;)>
> When I create an XML file trying to use P_R in
> report_person.dtd, it failed. Can anyone here tell
> me the reason? Very thanks.

You need to use the SYSTEM keyword in your parameter entity declarations
otherwise the parser treats them as literals.

e.g. <!ENTITY % report SYSTEM "report.dtd">


Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology