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RE: [xml-dev] Why RAND RF May Be A Good Idea

That's good.  The position that all specs should be 
royalty free is essentially a religious position and 
requires faith, not understanding.   The conclusion 
that limiting the W3C authority on issues of faith 
is one that not only common sense but experience 


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From: Don Park [mailto:donpark@docuverse.com]

Len wrote:
> Getting all of the companies and individuals who hold patents
> to commit to only RF specifications is a noble goal.  I think
> it will limit the role of the W3C in managing technology
> emergence and market development appropriately.  Such a limitation
> will help to stabilize the web while making sure that research
> and market emergence for well-developed products occurs outside
> the control of the W3C.

While I didn't agree with or understand rest of Len post, I agree with his
conclusion which reminds me of that Doctor-Doctor-It-Hurts-When-I-Do-This
joke.  W3C should limit its activities to areas where it can operate with
minimal patent hassle.  Common sense strikes again.