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Re: [xml-dev] Web Service: SOAP or {HTML + Servlets}?

> I'd like to use SOAP for implementing Web Services.  It seems to be a
> fun technology to play with.  But, in good conscience, I am real hard
> pressed to see any advantage to it over HTML plus Servlets (or XML plus
> Servlets).  I am eager to be convinced otherwise, however.  What are
> your thoughts on this?  /Roger

I completely agree.

The only nit pick is that, technically, SOAP too can be used in a
"document-centric" way.  But very few do, from what I've seen.  The
majority of developers appear to use it for RPC, which is a shame
because RPC has failed time and time again.

For some more detailed background on this topic;


(btw, apologies for that "HTTP" email - I completely missed the context
for Tim's question)