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[xml-dev] XML 2.0 Specifications and working groups

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Hi all,

Since XML 1.0 has been with us for around 4 years, it seems to me that it may 
well be time that some specifications for version 2.0 start to take place. 
Otherwise we stand the very great chance that we'll all be still trying to 
overcome the faults with Version 1.0 as we scooter around in Nursing homes in 
our old age. 

Back to business though, I've spoken with a lot of business users and they 
are saying that they would like a more lightweight, faster and smaller beast 
than XML Version 1.0 has become.

Reliability and interoperability have proved problems in the eyes of some 
people also. Many of these issues could be resolved in version 2.0.

I'm interested in hearing from anybody with an interest in working on the XML 
2.0 specification as well as those who may be interested in sponsoring the 
efforts. There are many Customers who will be interested in upgrading their 
existing software to Version 2.0 so there is an opportunity for good returns 
on investment for those who see this as a great business opportunity.

David Lyon

Global TradeDesk Exchange