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[xml-dev] [ANN] PowerXML data integration platform

Wizen Software, a San Francisco-based software firm specializing 
in data integration solutions, announces the availability of the 
PowerXML v2.0 Beta Program.

PowerXML(tm) is a dynamic data-integration platform enabling 
information exchange from anywhere to anywhere.

PowerXML enables data interchange between files, databases, 
applications, web-sites, mainframes, and web-services. 
PowerXML is based entirely on industry standard XML technology.
Its key advantage is the speed with which 'data pipelines' can
be built and its ability to work with a large number of existing
applications, programmable interfaces, and data formats -- without
requiring modification to the underlying system.

PowerXML consists of:

PowerXML Pro(tm) - A standalone desktop tool for visually building
and executing dynamic data pipelines. PowerXML Pro features include:
  - Simple three-step pipeline metaphor (Input, Process, Output).
  - Large number of built-in actions to simplify content aggregation,
    filtering, and transformation.
  - Direct two-way database access (via ODBC).
  - Automatic conversion of data into XML.
  - Expandability via Xaplet(tm) technology (direct access to Java, 
    COM, HTTP, JavaScript, and XSLT interfaces).
  - Built-in HTML to XML conversion.
  - Add-on PowerPack(tm) support for access to packaged applications
    and conversion to/from industry-standard XML grammars.
  - Visual XML browser and HTML previewer.
  - Visual XPath tutor.
  - Support for multiple XSLT engines (MSXML, Xalan-J, Xalan-C,

PowerXML Server(tm) - A server deployment and integration platform. 
PowerXML Server turns a standard web server into a dynamic data
interchange. It allows data pipelines to be shared, browsed, and
accessed as web-services. PowerXML's server deployment wizard 
provides a simple way to migrate pipelines from the desktop onto
the server and to integrate PowerXML with existing applications.
The server can also be used to perform batch data conversion and
integration tasks. PowerXML Server will be available for 
Windows NT/2K/XP, Linux, and Solaris platforms.

The PowerXML v2.0 Beta signup is available on the Wizen website 

Thank you,
The PowerXML Beta Team