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RE: [xml-dev] To conver XML to EXCEL

Well it depends on what you are using to accomplish that (language).

The idea is to have a parser (probably SAX) as well as an Excel API, unless
you want to learn BIFF on your own (it's not very difficult if you have
standard formatting).

The write excel as you parse:-)

I have a perl module that accomplishes the opposite, converts Excel to XML.
You can take a look at XML::Excel and XML::SAXDriver::Excel.  There is a
perl module to write excel as well, but I am not sure what language you are
using and what facilities are available.  I would imagine that most langages
have some sort of API for Excel, though you can also use OLE DB to do this.


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Sent: 10/17/01 7:54 AM
Subject: [xml-dev] To conver XML to EXCEL

   I want to convert XML file to Excel file programmitally. Can anybody
me on this

Thanks in advance

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