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RE: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

Right.  And the extent of what you can do 
and what can be done for you depends on the 
depth of information you provide for creating 
the contexts for locations.  For commercial 
systems, this has to be the case.  Think of it as 
similar to augmented reality (virtual reality 
impressed over a real live scene) and in fact, 
combinations of 2D/3D with XML datafeeds are 
well within reach today.  You will 
receive information in accordance with 
the contexts you enable.   You need a standard 
for creating contexts.  The location and mapping 
standards already exist.   The 3D standards are 
available but the mapping data for usefully 
applying that is expensive to create.  Level 
of detail as always, is the cost factor. 

But the fun has already begun.  Location dependent 
services have been a hot topic for awhile now and 
it is for us, mostly an issue of smart use of 

Similar mapping/context systems already are in 
use in the public safety systems.  The use of 
XML for these is already occurring.  The applications 
determine the contexts, but the basic mapping 
is the same.  For those familiar with OnStar, consider 
a cheaper version without the operator.  Because 
of Federal 911 laws, the ability to locate you 
with the cell phone is being put into place as 
we write and already exists in some locations. 


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From: Francis Norton [mailto:francis@redrice.com]

David Lyon wrote:
> Francis is definitely on the right track.
> but do we want to make something like this really happen ?
Yes. Why? Because it's an example of how the XML effect should emerge
while the XML disappears.

What's the business model of Yellow Pages? Subject pays, information
re-use is restricted (because you wouldn't carry the publisher's
adverts) but viewing is free.

If we had a web service, where anyone could register it in the UDDI
cloud, the subjects wouldn't have to pay (well, it'll probably become as
easy as publishing a home page),the info could be re-used, and anyone
could provide their own UI and/or further categorisation.

Let the fun begin!