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[xml-dev] Looking for XML schema for "human" events

I'm looking for any standards used for describing human events such as  -
seminars, meetings, exhibitions, projects.  MARC21 has a format for
community information but it is too rich. We need something simpler in terms
of data element choices but with the granularity to interface with other
scheduling systems.

As an example of an application where such a schema would be useful see
http://www.nla.gov.au/apps/events/. This is generated from a database for
which we have our own XML schema but we would like to start exchanging
information about events with other cultural organisations - eg - to provide
combined calendars of events.

There are some calendar standards but they tend to focus on standards for
exchanging date/time information rather than information about the events
themselves - eg. agents having a role in relation to the event, location,
description, etc. 

Monica Berko
National Library of Australia