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RE: [xml-dev] XML Database Decision Tree?


> but an article that starts "This column takes a 
> look at so-called native XML databases"  by a guy whose 1000
> page book called "Professional XML Databases" never (AFAIK from the
> even mentions the possibility of a "native" XML DBMS doesn't exactly

That's why the book is called Professional XML Databases and not Native
XML Databases ;-)

> As I think we all agree, if you *do* have
> to present XML views of data that is used by non-XML apps, it  is
> better to use a tool that presents an XML view of an underlying RDBMS,
> this will cost you the going rate for a team of top-notch DBAs. 

This may be true for the DB2's of the world, but the SQL Server
annotated view mechanism can be done and used by non-DBAs. Now mind you,
you will stay at the mercy of the DBA, but you don't need the DBA to
define the XML views.

Best regards
Michael (slightly biased :-))