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Re: [xml-dev] XML Database Decision Tree?

XML Everywhere wrote:

> There is no vendor
> out there who is ready to fill the shoes
> of an Oracle or a SQL Server or a DB2.

I would be more cautious and rather say that we don't see any vendor 
which seeems able to match them right now. These kind of situations may 
change and they can change faster than one would think, though.

When I have joined Sybase in the early 90's, the issue we were facing 
was still to convince to use a RDBMS (more than to make the difference 
with Oracle, Informix or Ingres) and these prospects had the exact same 
discourse than you have (if you change RDBMS by hierarchical, Oracle, 
SQL Server and DB2 by IDMS, ADABAS and IMS and XML databases by RDBMS in 
you email you'll get a pretty good idea of what we were told).

RDBMS were already known for a while but the IT managers were not 
convinced yet.

To them, the vendors of hierarchical databases were so well established 
that there was no way this could ever change. As you know, at this 
point, it took only a couple of years to wipe hierarchical databases out.

I don't pretend I can predict the future of XML databases, but I 
wouldn't predict RDBMS will stay forever either!

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