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Re: [xml-dev] Who can implement W3C XML Schema ?

Hi Henry,

Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> Rick Jelliffe <ricko@allette.com.au> writes:
>>Surely the third <any> element in the instance is invalid?  It has
>>three tokens in it.
> 'xs:token' is, as someone else (Eric?) recently observed, badly named
> -- it should be 'xs:tokenizedString' -- it's just 'xs:string' with
> whitespace='collapse'

Yes, this is something I have understood very recently!

> The _fourth_ <any> element is invalid, however, for the reason you cite.

I don't think so. The fourth element in the instance document is different:

  <any xsi:type="xs:Name">

After the whitespaces have been collapsed, it should be considered as a 
XML name, shouldn't it?

>>>I may also still have missed something in the rec and my example may be 
>>>invalid, but the point would remain that if you take 4 W3C XML Schema 
>>>processors on a simple test case, you have very often 4 different answers.
>>Two of the products Eric are using are betas (MSXML and Xerces) and
>>the XML Spy is not the most recent (I don't know if it fixes the
>>problem, and I don't know if the Turbo XML is the most recent.)  All
>>it shows is that developers are leaving this till last or too late,
>>rather than that there is some crisis of complexity.
> I agree with Rick here -- the REC is not quite 6 months old, there are 
> at least half-a-dozen implementations out there, and they're all
> upgrading rapidly.  I would note that whitespace processing is a
> long-standing source of corner cases:  XML 1.0 processors don't all
> get it right to this day, and there were several errata in this area.

Again, I hope that you are right, but I have think that the users should 
be warned about the lack of conformance of the current implementations.



> ht

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