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[xml-dev] [Announce] Word - XML bi-directional conversion now available

Bi-directional conversion for Word’97/2000 and XML

LONDON, UK - OCTOBER 24, 2001 -- Pembroke International today announced the availability
of a world’s first : a Microsoft Word and XML bi-directional conversion technology.

Developer of the leading edge document migration and coexistence technologies for the
Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes communities, Pembroke International announce the first
release of its bi-directional Microsoft Word and XML conversion modules with Document
Conversion Manager v3.0.3.

Using this transformation technology organizations and ISV’s can provide XML based access
to information that is trapped in proprietary document formats.

XML documents are created according to Pembroke's DTD/Schema "Document" enabling :
· XML developers to transform a proprietary document format e.g. Word'97/2000
  for use with any XML accepting application.
· Authors to be abstracted from the XML process. XML documents can be retrieved
  from the XML store and worked on using Microsoft Word, and then saved back as XML
· Corporations to use the standard desktop tools to create/edit XML documents – no
  need to invest in new tools, and no re-training required.
· XML documents to be re-formatted against this standard via XSLT to provide publishers
  with a "branded" or "corporate" look and feel to their documents.
· Word-processed documents can be transformed for publishing and content management
  systems, voice delivery systems, data warehousing, document archiving etc.
· Delivery of information in any proprietary schema or industry standard schema through
  transformations driven by XSLT

"We have had serious interest from major document management solution providers" said
Frank Shell CEO Pembroke International. "The ability to migrate documents to XML, and
create, re-usable information without having to re-train users or invest in new content
creation tools provides clear benefits to customers and is a powerful differentiator for
Solution Providers".

About Pembroke International
Pembroke International designs, produces, and supports its own range of document
conversion products. Its mission is to develop and support very high quality document
exchange and text manipulation products for organizations with co-existing word-processing
applications. These field-tested products reflect Pembroke's recognition and understanding
of the individual needs of organizations during a migration and co-existence period.  Due
to in-house control of product design, Pembroke International is able to offer an
effective range of tailor made conversion solutions, with full support and maintenance
services on all its products.

For media inquiries or for information for Notes professionals,
mailto:frank@pembroke-int.com or call Frank Shell, at (U.K.) (0)1424 200575, or visit
FN:Frank J Shell
ORG:Pembroke International
TEL;WORK;VOICE:+44 1424 200575
TEL;WORK;FAX:+44 1424 200579
ADR;WORK:;;15 Edmund Road;Hastings;East Sussex;TN35 5JY;U.K.
LABEL;WORK;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:15 Edmund Road=0D=0AHastings, East Sussex TN35 5JY=0D=0AU.K.